Sunday, March 29, 2015


Sunday: read in bed, go hike and find a forest shelter, made nut bars and did a little work while listening to 'The Moth" and TED radio hour .
TED was about the importance of play.
Hope your Sunday was playful.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Starting to look like mugs

My first tea mugs which are not completely lopsided ! It's been fun  and I am sure progress would be swifter if I had more time for it than 3 hrs a week. Started working with a red, grittier clay, which turns out to be a different 'teacher' than the white clay. Nice grounding work for me.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Artist Friend Gala Bent

Went to the beautiful show of my artist friend Gala Bent. See her work here : and in person Here:


Good Book

I love reading. My shelves are stacked to overflowing with books I still want to read. Those new ,fabulous Free Little Libraries are not helping ! I find something new and worthwhile to check out at every corner in my neighborhood!
I also get a lot of book ideas from NPR.  The one I just finished is called "Scatter,Adapt and Remember -How Humans will Survive a Mass Extinction" by Annalee Newitz . I do love science if presented in a format understandable to a regular mortal. This book is fascinating and not a bummer. Although I am glad I am a mere mortal in this century and can still revel in living on this planet , instead of becoming a person living in a virtual world only or on another planet.
 I LOVE this planet !

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Work Life

I rarely work on Sundays , but at the moment I have a huge work load for two shows back to back. So last Sunday I carried a few drawings to the house ( that way I feel it's less of a work day) and worked for several hours listening to The Moth radio hour and music while it was raining buckets outside.
My daughter made this adorable hat for our dog Peapa. She hated it...and we took it right off.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


One place I love to spend a Saturday Morning with before I go into the studio is Pinterest. I love looking at images, collecting ideas and inspirations. I finally started my own Pinterest Board , quasi as a drawer full of images that I don't need to print out, but can go back to and see what I filed away.
Come visit my ,still small, 'notebook' here:

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Don't laugh, but I had learned a long time ago how to hyperlink via an email, but until yesterday I did not know how to hyperlink via my blog.
I really like to connect people with people and people with fun,cool or thoughtful sites.
Now I need to practice my hyperlinking skills and I will introduce you to a few blogs and sites that I follow or check in on semi regularl basis.
I have been following Sandra Juto's blog for a while. She makes beautiful fingerless gloves ,but most of all I love her photos of Berlin, my hometown. By visiting her blog I feel like I get to say hello and catch a glimpse of what Berlin looks like right now. Thank you Sandra !
I also love to visit when I want to be inspired by people's outfits.
When I need some serious eye candy I visit / and while (or wile) away the hours... same as with favorite pinterest sites like / or /
This blog is always touching and I love how it reminds us of our humanity.

There is a bunch more, but I personally don't like to read much on the internet, I only like looking at pictures and so I won't make you have to read any further either.
Here is a picture.

Detail: "Cups" 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Craft Zen

I had a chance to craft with friends last weekend. There are few states of being that I love as much as doing handwork of any kind with a group of women. I deeply enjoy the slow pace that happens naturally when doing things by hand and the space that exist easily to both talk and be silent. Phones off please :) .